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Airline Auditing Simplified

AirBIS is a standardised system for airlines and agents which provides a simplified solution for reconciling their revenue accounts and auditing their sales data. This system is designed primarily around industry needs for revenue management of the air travel domain.

Flown Revenue

Flown Revenue

Ancillary Report

Ancillary Report

Airline Report

Airline Report

GDS Report

GDS Report

Sales Report

Sales Report

SOTO Report

SOTO Report

Airline Business Intelligence

AirBIS is the business intelligence solution designed by Corehub Solutions to understand and analyze the airline industry data. It generates extensive audit and advanced analytics reports by extracting IATA BSP HOT data. BSP HOT file ; the airline sales data file received from IATA BSP can be parsed and extracted into a database for desired processing.

Manage Revenue

Revenue Management System for Travel Agents

We all strive for systems that are both:

  1. Turnkey/easy to use
  2. Transparent/easy to understand

AirBIS is designed specifically for both ease of use and ease of understanding. It has opted for an approach that puts more control in the hands of the airline rather than a black box model.

Use Untapped Revenue Potential (URP)

Untapped Revenue Potential (URP) exists in every company. It is the difference between the revenues that a company is capable of generating, were it to take full advantage of the opportunities available, and what it is actually generating. AirBIS makes sure that you don't out on any untapped revenue.

Untapped Revenue
Easier Way to Manage Airline Data

Real Time Insights to Manage Airline Data

With prepopulated reports covering not just ticketed but also Flown Revenue Report, GDS Report, Commision Report, Tour Code Report, Flight Wise Report, InterLine Report, Reconcilliation, Destination and Sector Report etc. With just one or two clicks, there is no easier way to manage airline data. We provide all the Outputs contributing to the control of Financial activities, include daily accountable and billing and realtime audit data.

Cloud Based Solution

Our cloud based solution makes your data handling easier. You get 24/7 access with monthly, weekly or daily reports fueled with IATA-BSP HOT files. ‘AirBIS’ easy to use solution empowers your management and commercial teams.

Cloud Based Solution

The Advantages of AirBIS Auditing

  • No such cost effective solution is available in the market
  • Data sourced directly from IATA (International Air Transport Association) IATA
  • A suite of cloud based Business Intelligence tools that are ready to use with no data management.
  • Independent Audit of your Airline Contracts
  • Fast & Dynamic Analytics
  • Geographical mapping is available in the system
  • Delivered using a SaaS model to minimise end user cost and overhead
  • Affordable, easy to use, timely and effective solution

The Features of AirBIS App

The productivity of an Airline/Agent is based on the flown revenue. The IATA agents will get the data as BSP HOT files. The system is designed to reconcile with airline’s/agent’s accounting systems. So that, agents can claim commissions which will arrest the revenue loss. Many other reports like SOTO tickets, interline reports, tour code, flight number, sector/destination wise, credit card wise reports can be generated with greater accuracy.

Following are the major features of Arise Airline Revenue Intelligence, which makes it a perfect choice.

  • Airline Revenue Accounting / Audit Report
  • Airline Business Intelligence / Decision System
  • GDS wise Income Report
  • GDS Issued / Booked User Report
  • Sector Report
  • Flown Revenue
  • Ancillary Revenue
  • RET/HOT Audit
  • Productivity Link Bonous (PLB)
  • Airline Credit Memo (ACM), Airline Debit Memo (ADM)
  • Deal Management
  • Fare Audit Report.
  • Fare Basis , Cost Cutting, SOTO Reports
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) Reports
  • Interline, Tourcode, Destination Reports
  • Currency, Country, Flight No. wise Reports

AirBis App UI

AirBis App UI
AirBis App UI
AirBis App UI

Install AirBIS App


Frequently Asked Questions

We have observed that with other systems, 80% if the time is spent on gathering data and only 20% in analyzing the information. We use the same IATA mileage and proration system that airlines use. This protocol leads to very high levels of accuracy of reporting.

HOT files (Hand-off Tapes) are the same data set that airlines use in their sales and revenue management systems. They are rich in data - the format is the industry standard data.

We have companies, travel agents and airline clients today who use our analysis to fully understand their own air spend (companies), sales, revenue and yields (travel agents and airlines) in BSP markets internationally. Using the same data set creates a highly transparent environment between all parties and provides information updates each week. Traditionally there is a significant gap between ‘ticketed’ and ‘flown’ data, but the gap between our projected flown revenue reports and an airline’s flown revenue reports will be a very small percentage.

It is free to airlines and already supplied, often on a daily basis. For Agents and companies, it is based on the number of IATA locations & the frequency of reporting e.g. twice per month and location. Our experience to-date is that the quoted costs are highly inconsistent from market to market but there is normally some economy of scale e.g. A client with 10 IATA locations wouldn’t pay 10 times the cost of 1 IATA.

Ticketed commissions are reported on the BSP Billing Analysis and the HOT files. We pick the actual commissions paid per transaction.

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